4th Quarter Starters 

Starters 1 (8 pts.) 

3/17 – Is playing the trumpet an inherited or an acquired trait? Explain Why.

3/18 – Describe the process of natural selection in 3 steps.

3/19 – List 3 facts about sexual reproduction.

3/20 – What is the difference between an inherited and an acquired trait.

3/21 – No Starter; R&S

3/24 – How do plants reproduce ASEXUALLY? List 2 ways.

3/25 – What are the 6 characteristics of living things?

3/26 – Is a wooden raft classified as non-living or dead? Give 2 reasons explaining your answer.

3/27 – What are the 6 Kingdoms of living things?

3/28 – No Starter; End of Quarter Movie


Starters 2 (5 pts)

4/1 – Which Kingdom is multicelluar and mainly all autotrophic?

4/2 – Field Trip

4/3 – Which kingdom has multicellular and heterotrophic organisms that also have cell walls?

4/4 – Which kingdom(s) have organisms that are all unicellular and lack a nucleus?

4/7 – Language Arts Testing

4/8 – Language Arts Testing

4/9 – Which kingdom doesn’t have cell walls but is multicellular and heterotrophic?

4/10 – Which kingdom can have unicellular organisms that also have a nucleus?

4/11 – Rise & Stretch

Starters 3 (7pts.)

4/14 – What do we first base classification systems on in science?

4/15 – The scientific name of the giraffe is Giraffa camelopardalis. What is the species of the giraffe?

4/16 – The scientific name of the North American river otter is Lontra canadensis. What is the genus of this otter?

4/17 – Spring Break

4/18 – Spring Break

4/21 – Spring Break

4/22 – What are the 7 levels of classification starting at Kingdom?

4/23 – List 3 Classes of Animals.

4/24 – The scientific name of the ladder-backed woodpecker is Picoides scalaris. What is the species of this bird?

4/25 – The scientific name of the pig’s ear mushroom is Gomphus clavatus.  What is the genus of this fungi?

Starters 4 (10 pts)

4/28 – What two characteristics of living things do viruses have?

4/29 – What two group could you classify the following things in?

                                  Mushroom, waffle, rock, pineapple, mouse, lobster

4/30 – Which kingdom has organisms that are all unicellular and lack a nucleus?

5/1 – What is the density of a 20g rock that displaces water in a graduated cylinder from 10 ml to 20 ml?

5/2 – A 12g cube has measurements of 6cm for the length, 2cm for the width, and 2 cm for the height. Find the density of the cube.

5/5 – What size particles would be at the bottom of a lake?

5/6 – What cell parts are being shown?

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 8.07.00 AM

5/7 – How do plants reproduce asexually? How do plants reproduce sexually?

5/8 – An egg that is 80% water is put in a solution of salt water that is 65% water.  Will the mass of the egg increase, decrease or stay the same? Why?

5/9 – What kingdom do all bacteria belong to?

Starters 5 (5 pts.)

5/12 -14 – No Starters; SAGE Testing

5/15 – Which cell organelle holds the DNA in a cell?

5/16 – Write the base pari for the following strand of DNA: AGTTCAG

5/19 – What three molecules make up a unit (nucleotide) of DNA?

5/20 – What are the 4 bases in DNA (write the full names of what A,T,G,C stand for)

5/21 – No starter; Job shadow day

5/22 – No starter; English SAGE testing

5/23 – Who were the two male scientists who received the Nobel Prize in 1962 for the discovery of DNA Structure?


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