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Q4 Week 10 (The Last Week!)

Schedule for the week:

Monday 6/2 – And Then There Were None movie

Tuesday 6/3 – Utah Studies Olympics

Wednesday 6/4 – Punnett Squares, Genetic Disorders

Thursday 6/5 – (Last Day for 7th Graders) Cleaning, Softball Games, and Memory Book Signing

Friday 6/6 – No 7th graders at school

Have a wonderful summer!

Q4 Week 9

Reminder: The late work deadline is this Friday. The Minion Pod teachers will not accept any late or missing work after 3:00pm on this day. 

Items for this week:

DNA Extraction:  Students will be taking DNA from split pea cells. If you are absent for this lab you will need to read through the lab directions, watch “Pea DNA Extraction” by labcast on youtube, and answer the questions on the back of the worksheet. DNA Extraction

Earthworm Dissection: Students will be learning the anatomy of an earthworm and then performing a dissection. If you were absent for this activity, please pick up a make-up packet from Ms. LeSueur.


POD Auction! And on a fun side note, we will be having our final Minion Pod Auction on Friday to celebrate the end of the year. Bring your rattle cards to make a bid on some of our awesome prizes!


Q4 Week 8

Reminder: The late work deadline for the quarter is May 30th.

Rosalind Franklin – students will be reading an article about Rosalind Franklin, a female scientist who helped discover the structure of DNA.  Once the students have read the article they will answer 5 reading comprehension questions and then write a 1 page essay arguing why or why not Watson and Crick deserved the Nobel Prize.  The article is available in class. R. Franklin_Questions . This will be due on Tues. 5/27

DNA Model – students will be creating a paper DNA model/puzzle.  The puzzle pieces are available for pick up in class. Building DNA. This will be due on Tues. 5/27


Q4 Week 7

Reminder: The late work deadline for 4th Quarter is Friday, May 30th. 

May 12-14th will be Science Sage testing during the period you have science only.

DNA Lesson and Notes: Students will be listen and following along with a power point lesson while doing fill-in-the-blank notes. Intro to DNA ppt

Video – Cracking the Code: Students will be watching clips of the PBS Nova series on Genetics and DNA. You can watch it online here: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/body/cracking-the-code-of-life.html

DNA Translation: Students will be matching up a line of DNA base pairs and translating sections of it into a sentence. This activity mimics DNA base pairing and translation of genes into proteins. Decoding DNA 

Q4 Week 6

Reminder: The Late Work Deadline for 4th Quarter is May 30th. 

Cell Review: Cell Review

Cell practice test : Do not use notes on this. You will need to corrected this with the teacher’s answer key before turning it in for points. Available for pick up in class.

Heredity Review: InheritanceReview

Heredity practice test – Do not use notes on this. You will need to correct it with the teacher’s answer key before turning it in for points. Heredity Review Test

Review Game – we will be playing a review board game to prepare for the science SAGE test starting on May 12th.


Q4 Week 5

Reminder: The Late Work Deadline for 4th Quarter is May 30th. 

Study Guide: Use these questions to guide you in your studies for the Classification Unit test.Classification Study Guide and Insect Classification

Final: Wednesday, April 20th. This will cover the following learning goals: Living and Non-living, 6 Kingdoms and Classification.

Matter Review: Matter Review_2014

Matter Practice Test: Matter Practice Test

Measuring Lab: Must be completed in class due to the use of scientific instruments and lab supplies. Measuring Stations