Mastery Grading


In 7th Grade Science, you will be graded on a “Mastery” or “Standards Referenced” grading system.  The system is designed to enhance your learning experience and make you, the student, more knowledgeable about your progress in a class.

The entire year will be broken down into Standards, which have anywhere from 1 to 5 learning goals with assessments.  These learning goal assessments will be graded on a 1-4 scale:

  • 4 = Exceeds mastery – 90%
  • 3 = Mastery – 80%
  • 2 = Partial mastery – 70%
  • 1 = Below mastery – 60% or lower
  • 0 = No understanding – Student hasn’t take the assessment

So how does this translate into traditional grades?  The following weights will be used in skyward to calculate final grades (i.e. 70% of your grade will be based on mastery of learning goals, etc.):

  • Learning Goals Assessments = 70%
  • Assignments = 30% (labs, activities, projects)

The letter assignments are as follows:


Letter grade Mastery grade percentage range
A 4 100% – 91.67
A- 4 91.66% – 83.34%
B+ 4 83.33% – 75.01%
B 3 75.00% – 68.75%
B- 3 68.74% – 62.50%
C+ 3 62.49% – 58.50%
C 3 58.49% – 54.25%
C- 2 54.24% – 50.00%
D+ 2 49.99% – 44.00%
D 2 43.99% – 31.50%
D- 2 31.49% – 25.01%
F 1 25.00% – 0%

An “I” grade in Science stands for Incomplete or Insufficient and means that a student has failed an essential Learning Goal Quiz with a 2 or lower (below 80%) or has missed taking one. The “I” indicates that you haven’t mastered the basic 7th grade science concepts to pass the final test. Any “I” grades on your report card for any quarter will automatically be changed to an F grade at the end of 4th quarter if you have not come in to retake and pass the quiz or quizzes you have not mastered.

If you have an “I” grade in my class, you will need to complete a remediation homework for the quiz you failed. Also be sure to study and see me to get extra one-on-one help if you are confused.  You can then retake the quiz in either Rise, Diamond Time, or before or after school. Your grade will remain an “I” until you master the essential Learning Goal you failed or will remain an “I” if you have not mastered the concept by the end of the quarter. You can retake a quiz at any time during the year before the final 4th quarter late work deadline. This means there’s not an excuse to give up!

Students will track their progress in each of the 13 learning goals this year, and know exactly where they are in mastering each one.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Ms. LeSueur. Thanks!


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