Course Outline

  • Scientific Method : September
    Steps of the Scientific Method, vocabulary, data tables, graphing, how to do a lab.
  • Properties of Matter: October – November
    Atoms, molecules, mass, volume, density, phases of matter, earth materials
  • Cells: November – January
    Cell organelles, Levels of Organization in living things, body systems, osmosis and diffusion
  • Heredity: January – March
    Asexual and sexual reproduction, inherited and acquired traits, natural and artificial selection
  • Classification: March – April
    Levels of classification, 5 Kingdoms, scientific names, using a dichotomous key
  • Assessments/Assignments:
    • Daily in-class assignments/Labs
    • Homework
    • Starters – daily
    • Quizzes – every other week
    • Tests – at the end of each unit (5 total)
    • Projects  – one per quarter in quarters 2-4

Late work: All late work is deducted 20%.  My late work deadline for each quarter will be a week before the last day of the quarter.


2 thoughts on “Course Outline

  1. hey zane and hayden what we do whith science data?

  2. Hi! You need to put your data in a data table. We will be making a graph and writing a conclusion in class using the data you collected from your experiment.

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