Q4 Week 9

Reminder: The late work deadline is this Friday. The Minion Pod teachers will not accept any late or missing work after 3:00pm on this day. 

Items for this week:

DNA Extraction:  Students will be taking DNA from split pea cells. If you are absent for this lab you will need to read through the lab directions, watch “Pea DNA Extraction” by labcast on youtube, and answer the questions on the back of the worksheet. DNA Extraction

Earthworm Dissection: Students will be learning the anatomy of an earthworm and then performing a dissection. If you were absent for this activity, please pick up a make-up packet from Ms. LeSueur.


POD Auction! And on a fun side note, we will be having our final Minion Pod Auction on Friday to celebrate the end of the year. Bring your rattle cards to make a bid on some of our awesome prizes!



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