Q4 Week 1

Reminder: We will be having a pod field trip to the Natural History Museum on April 2nd. 

Items for this week:

Quiz: Living, Non-living, Dead, and Viruses. On Tuesday, 4/1. Use your Characteristics of Living Things notes to prepare. If you did not master this quiz you will need to study and retake it.

*Field Trip: Those going on the field trip to the Utah Natural History Museum will have a packet that will need to be completed during the trip and will be turned in for credit in science. Those not going on the trip will have a work packet to complete at school.

Classy Chart: Students will continue working on the Classy Chart. It will be  due on Friday, 4/4. Remember the rules for scientific names when doing this assignment (see the back of the chart). See previous post for downloads for this assignment.

6 Kingdoms Grid: grid of characteristics of the 6 Kingdoms. This will be due on Friday 4/4 and will serve as a review study guide for the quiz.

*Note: If you were absent for the field trip or did not come on the field trip there is a make-up assignment that you will get from Ms. LeSueur. 




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