Q3 Week 8

Reminder: The end of quarter Late Work Deadline is Friday, March 21st. 

Items for this week:

*Bizarre Beaks: Students will be playing a game/lab where they will have different beaks adapted to eat different types of “food”. Students will record data of the number on items eaten and if they survive each season. Bizzare Beaks Worksheet

Artificial Selection Homework: Student will research the artificial selection of a domesticated animal or plant.  This assignment will be due on Tuesday, March 18th.  Artificial Selection Indiv. Version

Quiz on Adaptations, Natural and Artificial Selection: Tuesday, March 18th

Study Guide for Heredity Unit: Standard 4 study guide

Unit FINAL: Sexual and Asexual Reproduction, Inherited and Acquired Traits, Adaptations, Natural Selection and Artificial Selection. Thursday, March 20th.

R&S on Friday.

*See Ms. LeSueur for the make-up assignment if you miss this assignment. 


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