Q3 Week 7

Items for this week:

Bird Adaptations Group Project: See post from 3/5/14 for handouts. Students will be finishing and presenting their bird’s adaptations to the class on Monday and Tuesday.

Natural and Artificial Selection Lesson and Notes: See Adaptations Power Point on post 2/25/14. Students will be having a lesson and taking notes on natural and artificial selection.

Dogs and More Dogs: Students will be watching and discussing a movie which deals with different theories of how the domesticated dog came to be through natural and artificial selection. Dog and More Dogs Worksheet

*Natural Selection Game: Students will be playing a dice game that outlines events and population shifts that can cause natural selection. Natural Selection Game Questions

*Bizarre Beaks: Students will be playing a game/lab where they will have different beaks adapted to eat different types of “food”. Students will record data of the number of birds that survive each season. Bizzare Beaks Worksheet

Artificial Selection Homework: Student will research the artificial selection of a domesticated animal or plant.  This assignment will be due on Tuesday, March 18th.  Artificial Selection Indiv. Version

*See Ms. LeSueur for the make-up assignments if you miss either of these assignments. 


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