Q3 Week 4

Items for this week:

Reproduction Notes and Literary Circles: Students will be learning about the difference between Sexual and Asexual reproduction as well as looking at some examples of plants and animals that use these methods of reproduction. The Literary Circles paper and organism packets are available for pick-up in my class. Sexual & Asexual Reproduction Lesson

Quiz: Students will have a quiz on Reproduction on Wednesday 2/19. Use the analysis questions on the back of the Literary Circles sheet and your power point notes to help you study.

Inherited and Acquired Traits: Students will be learning about the different traits of living organisms.  Power Point Lesson: Inherited vs. Acquired Traits

Ellis Island Medical Papers: Students will be participating in our 7th grade cross curricular Ellis Island experience on Thursday.  Make sure you have your medical paper filled out so you are not deported! Medical History Paper_Ellis Island

Family Tree – Students will be making a family tree that traces the inherited and acquired traits in their family through 3 generations. Family TreeFamily Tree Leaves



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