Q2 Week 7

Bill Nye Cells: Students will be watching Bill Nye Cells and have a page of questions to reinforce the information that we’re learning in the cell section.  If you were absent you will be excused from this assignment.

Microscope Lab: (2 days) Students will be observing plant (anachoris) and animal (cheek) cells using a compound light microscope. They will learn skills to create a wet mount and a stained specimen using Methyl blue. The make-up for this lab is a text book assignment. Please wear long pants on the days we use microscope slides since they are made out of glass. Plant v. Animal Cells Microscope Lab

Make-Up for Plant vs. Animal Cell Lab,

Flash Cards and Plant vs. Animal Cell Diagram: Students will be creating a flash card set to help them study for the upcoming quiz (1/7). They will also be filling in and coloring a diagram that highlights the difference between a plant and animal cell. Cell Flash Card set, diagram available in class only.

Cell Study Signature Sheet – Students will be required to study cell organelles to prepare for the upcoming quiz after winter break. This quiz will be on Tuesday, January 7th.  Here is the study sheet which will also require parent signatures: Cell Study Signature Sheet

Movie Day – Friday students will be combining with other pod classes to do a movie analysis activity for English.


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