Week 5

Downloads for this week:

Review Questions for Scientific Method Quiz 2

We will be having a quiz on Tuesday, 9/24. The quiz will cover the Control, Independent and Dependent Variables, and graphing. These are sample questions so you have an idea of what the quiz will be like.

Helicopter Lab

This will be our culminating activity on Wednesday to finish up the Scientific Method unit. The helicopter patterns to do the lab are available to pick up in class.

Atoms & Molecules – Power Point Lesson

AtomTimeline and Atomtimeline2

We will be doing this as groups in class. If you are gone for this assignment, please use the internet to look up info on the different scientists and fill the timeline out on your own. Here’s a good site to start at: http://profmokeur.ca/chemistry/history_of_the_atom.htm

Also, please note that Starters will no longer be extra credit but will be counted as an assignment grade.  If you are absent or miss a starter question, you can go the  Starter page found in the upper right hand corner of the blog.


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