Research, Experiments, and a Quiz

Here are some of the lessons and assignments for this week.

Research Practice – we will be working on this in class. Anything not finished by the end of class on Tuesday will be homework. You will need to use the internet to complete this. We’ll correct this assignment on Wednesday (see previous post for download)

Designing an Experiment Practice

Bubble Gum Lab

We will be doing this experiment together in class. To do it at home you will need some sort of scale and some gum.

Control+Variables_Class Practice

Definitions for Control and Variables are in the Scientific Method power point (see previous post).


QUIZ: We will be having a 10 question multiple choice quiz on Friday. The quiz will cover the first part of the Scientific Method notes (from listing the steps in order to the Hypothesis section).

Study helps – Can you list the steps in order? Do you know what you can and can’t use as scientific research? Do you know what an inference is? Do you know how to recognize and write a hypothesis?


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