4th Quarter Late Work Deadline


Reminder for the Rockin’ Pod 4th Quarter Late Work Deadline

The late work deadline for 4th quarter will be Wednesday, May 29th

This deadline includes ALL late work including absent work, missing assignments, redos and make-ups.

Please realize that you must be responsible for remembering what you turn in during the week leading up to the deadline as the teachers cannot grade as fast as you turn items in at this time. Check skyward often.  If you are missing an assignment and THINK you turned it in, make sure to double check the in-box and no-name box as well as your locker and binder. Clear all matters up with the teachers before this date has passed.

If you will be absent on the deadline, please come and talk to the teachers before you leave about turning in assignments after the deadline. We will not accept any work past the deadline unless you were absent on the deadline date, in which case your work will be due the day you return, but no later than June 4th.

If you have further questions please email us. We believe that each of you has the ability to get good grades this quarter if you are organized and put in the effort and time. You can do it!


Ms. LeSueur, Ms. Chandler, and Ms. Nielsen


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