Field Trip Chaperone Information

The Rockin’ Pod will be taking a field trip to the Utah Natural History Museum on May 20th! We now have 23 parent chaperones and all spots are filled!

Here is some info about the trip:

  • Chaperones will be paid for by the school.
  • Each chaperone will watch over a group of 8 students.
  • We will be having some parents ride the bus (Please let Ms. LeSueur know if you want to ride the bus)
  • Bus load time will be approximately 9:15am at the school.
  • Bus arrive time at the museum will be approximately 10:30am.
  • Students and chaperones will need to have a sack lunch to eat.
  • Bus load time at the end of the trip will be 12:45pm.
  • Buses will return to the school by 2:00pm.
  • A chaperone information packet, along with a list of students in your group, will be given to you in the week prior to our trip.  Students will also be given an assignment to work on during their visit.
  • Here is a link to the museum home page in case you want to scope it out prior to our trip:

If you are a chaperone and have any questions, please email Ms. LeSueur at

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2 thoughts on “Field Trip Chaperone Information

  1. Ok great. sign me up. I will ride the bus too. Thanks

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