Study Guide for Living Characteristics and Kingdomgs Quiz

Study Guide for Living Things and Kingdoms Quiz – Scheduled for April 4th

All the information below can be found in your notes. If you’ve lost your notes you can copy them from a classmate or download and watch the power points online on this blog.

  1. Know the 6 characteristics of life and what they mean: CEGRRA – cells, energy, growth, reproduce, respond, adapt.
  2. Know the difference between things that are living, non-living, and dead.
  3. Know the reasons why a virus can’t be classified as living, non-living, or dead.
  4. Know what the 6 Kingdoms are: Monera (all bacteria under the old system), Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, Protists, Fungi, Plants, and Animals.
  5. Know the characteristics of each kingdom and be able to identify which kingdom is which based on a list of their characteristics.

Ex: Which kingdom has organisms that are all multicellular, have a cell wall, and are heterotrophic?


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