Diffusion Lab

What We Did Today:

  1. 5-10 min. finish writing lab
  2. Instructions for Lab
  3. Diffusion Lab – Due tomorrow 11/28
  4. Homework: Finish Graph and Conclusion for Lab – Due tomorrow; Bring a silent reading book to class tomorrow.

Right now we are learning about the 3 phases of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. We are also discussing the affect that heat energy has on the particles of matter in each of these phases.

Today in class we will be conduction an experiment to see what heat does to the movement of particles in a liquid through the Diffusion lab. The outline version of the Diffusion lab is available here:

Diffusion Lab_2012

Conclusion questions:
( Answer in complete sentences)

  1. Restate or summarize your original hypothesis.
  2. Was your hypothesis proven?
  3. What happened in your experiment? Compare the time for cold water versus hot water.  What was the difference?
  4. Why do you think there was or was not a difference in the diffusion of the food coloring in the different temperatures of water?

Here is the lesson on Phases of Matter:
Phases of Matter Lesson



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