Cell Unit

Here is the study guide for the Matter Test:

Scientific Method Study Guide

If you did not do well on the test you may retake it one time after school, before school, or during Diamond Time.  Make sure you study and/or come in for help before retaking the test. This was not a Rise and Stretch assessment, so if you were absent you will need to come and take the test during the times mentioned above.

We will be starting our biology section of science for the year starting with the cell unit. If you were absent for the Cell Notes here is the Power Point lesson that you can use to fill in your notes:

Cells Power Point Lesson

Please remember that the data table for your Science Fair Experiment needs to be finished by Monday, December 5th.  We will be starting on the graph and conclusion in class on the 5th as well.  You cannot make a graph without the data.

Midterms grade reports will be printed by the school on December 12th.  Please check your grades and missing assignments on skyward and turn in missing work by Friday 12/9 to have them show up on the midterm report.


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