Science Fair: Research

The science department is teaming up with the Language Arts team for Science Fair research. Students will be doing background research on their science fair topic this week.  The research packet of notes will be turned into me for credit in science class.  Students will also be using this packet as their pre-write information for a research paper in Language arts. Here is what should be finished on each day in class:

  • Thursday 10/6 – Brainstorm key phrases and words to research
  • Monday 10/10 – Notes for Source #1 completely filled out
  • Tuesday 10/11 – Notes for Source #2 completely filled out
  • Wednesday 10/12 – Notes for Source #3
  • Thursday 10/13 – Notes for Source #4
  • Friday 10/14 – To be determined by the Language Arts teachers

This packet will be due on Monday, October 17th.  Please remember that if you fall behind it is your responsibility to finish the assignment for that day at home as homework. Also, wikipedia may be used to brainstorm words and phrases for the 1st page only, but may not be used to gather information as a main research source.  You may use the reference links at the bottom of a wikipedia article.

Research Packet- 1st Page   – write down at least 6 key words you will use to research.

Research Source Sheets – (you will need to have 2 of these filled out – 4 sources with notes total).


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