Crime Scene and Inference Cards

Thursday 9/8 – Students acted as dectectives to help solve a crime in the science stock room by writing down facts/observations and inferences.  Students also practiced writing reasonable inferences from facts given on cards. If you were absent for the participation points, you can download the inference practice below and turn it in for points.

 Inference cards  – Write an inference under each fact.

Friday 9/9 – Students learned how to write a hypothesis.  A hypothesis is a type inference used for science experimentation. We write a hypothesis in the “If ___, then ____” format.

Ex: If (what you will test), then (inference/what you think will happen).

“If I chew sugar free gum after meals, then I will have less tooth decay .”

Below is the homework worksheet that went along with this lesson.

Writing a Hypothesis Wksht


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