Science Fair Power Point

This week and next Monday, students will be working on their Power Points for Science Fair.  This project will be worth 100 points and will be due on February 1st.  Here is a day by day break down of the project.

Science Fair Power Point Schedule

Power Points will be completed in class.
The final due date is Feb. 1st

Day 1 (Friday, Jan.21) : Power Point Intro Lesson

•    Find slide designs
•    New Slide
•    Pictures from the Internet
•    Saving to desktop and to flash drive

Day 2 (Monday, Jan. 24th) : Title page, question, research (2 pages)

Day 3 (Tuesday, Jan. 25th) : Research (2 pages) and hypothesis

Day 4 (Wednesday, Jan. 26th) : Experiment – Materials & Procedures, Control and Variables

Day 5 (Thursday, Jan 27th) : Data Tables + Conclusion

Day 6 (Friday, Jan 28th) : Graphing + Conclusion

Day 7 (Monday, Jan. 31): Finalize Power Point and save onto flashdrive

* Each group will need one flash drive (USB stick) to save the Power Point so that it can be presented to the class. If you get behind and need to work on your Power Point at home you will also need a flash drive.

We will be working on this in class, so unless you are slow at typing or not staying on task, you should have plenty of time to complete your project without taking time out of school.  If you are slow at typing I would strongly suggest saving your power point on a flash drive to work on at home so that you can stay on pace with the rest of the class.

If you would like to see how you will be graded on your Power Point presentation, see the link below: Scoring Rubric for Science Fair Power Point


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