Mass and Volume

Last week we started learning about different measurements.  First we started off with mass, which is a measurement of the amount of matter in an object.  Students took fill-in-the-blank notes on the definition of mass and the instruments and units used to measure it.  We also did an activity called the Mass of Solids and Liquids in which the students used triple beam balances to find the mass of several objects.

This week we will be concentrating on learning how to measure volume.  We started off with a few notes.  Yesterday we did an activity called the Volume of Solids where students used graduated cylinders to find the volume of irregular shaped objects through water displacement.  They also used the equation length X width X height to calculate the volume of regular shaped objects (cubes).

Today students will be participating in the Volume of Liquids activity where they will be measuring different volumes of liquid with a graduated cylinder. There will be a Rise and Stretch quiz this Friday on mass and volume.

If you were absent for any activity you will need to come before or after school or during TA to make it up.  This is due to the fact that the measuring equipment must stay at school.

During the month of November, students will also be responsible for completing their science fair experiment at home.  The data from the experiment (put in a data table) will be due on December 1st.

Second Quarter assignments are now up in skyward.  Please check your skyward account for your current grade.


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