Grading Policy

In case you missed the Grading and Assignment Policy that was sent home last week:

Mrs. LeSueur’s Grading Policy

Late Work:
•    If an assignment is late, students must complete the assignment within a week of its due date and turn it in with a late pass stapled to the assignment.  Assignments without a late pass will be deducted 20% in addition to normal corrections.  If it is very late (over a month), it will be deducted 50%.
•    School policy is that students will be allowed 2 late assignments per class, per quarter (see school disclosure).
•    The last day I will accept late work for a quarter is a week from the final day of the quarter. This gives me enough time to grade papers and submit my final grade book to the district. Late work cannot be redone or graded after a quarter is ended.

* You can buy additional late passes from me for 15 rattle cards.

Redo’s and Retakes:
•    Students can redo any assignment to get points back as long as the assignment was turned in on time and completed in the first place.
•    Incomplete assignments that are turned in for grading cannot be redone for full points.  They will be counted as a late assignment.
•    Students can retake quizzes and tests they have failed through Rise and Stretch during school.
•    If you are absent for Rise and Stretch or need to take a whole test due to an absence, you can come and do so after school.

Absent Work:
•    Absent students have the same number of days they were absent to make-up work the missed (see school disclosure).
•    It is the student’s responsibility to remember to check the old work calendar and gather the worksheets from the day(s) missed in the old work folders when they return from an absence 2 days or less.  I do not collect work for students unless they are gone for 3 or more days and have an Educational Leave packet (see school disclosure). In this case work is collected and given to the student before they leave for vacation.
•    When you do turn in your absent work write “ABSENT” on the top of the paper so I can double check your absence on my records and not take off late points.
•    If you need help I can stay after school until at least 3:30pm every day.

To Stay on top of your assignments:
•    Check the “no name” box is you think you turned in an assignment and it’s not showing up in skyward.
•    Check skyward at least once a week to keep track of you grades.
•    Check my blog:
for more information if needed. There is also a calendar link on the blog that is the same exact one I use to organize my lessons for the year.
•    Our school policy is that grades will be updated once a week.


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