Bring your JARS & DIRT

Picture 14

There was very minimal participation today with bringing jars and dirt, so our sorting jar activity has been postponed until Monday.  PLEASE, bring your assigned item.  It is now an official assignment that will be worth points.  Dirt is free.  You can get it from the side of the road.  If you don’t have an old empty pickle jar at your house, you can get a cheap jar at Hobby Lobby for .99 cents.

As a heads-up, the Test on Matter will still be on Wednesday.  These are the topics that the test will cover:

  1. Atoms & Molecules
  2. Phases of Matter
  3. Mass, Volume, and Density
  4. Earth Layers & Sorting

There will be a study guide handed out on Monday. Please also remember to do your science fair experiment by December 1st.


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