Reminder About My Late Work Policy

Since we are ending the year in a few weeks I thought I’d quickly review the late work policy for my class.  This is not new information to students and hopefully is not new to parents, but I will put it here for quick and easy reference.


For my class I follow the school disclosure document that was given out on the first day of school which you were required to sign.  I think most teachers follow the late work policy in the disclosure.  You can still pick one up in the school office but I’ll review what it says and then review my specific policies for my class.

The disclosure states that students may turn in two assignments late each quarter with no penalty in each class.  After those late passes are used up the assignment is docked 20% when it is turned in if it is within 2 weeks of the date it was assigned.  If the assignment is later than 2 weeks, it will then be docked 50%. If a student is absent they have the number of days they were absent to turn in the work without a late penalty.  For example if a student misses 3 days of school, they have 3 days to get the work turned in.

I follow the same late work policy as the disclosure.  Students can turn in anything for partial credit or full credit (if they still have their late work passes).  As for tests and quizzes, our team allows students to make those up or retake them during Rise and Stretch.  If the student does not attend Rise and Stretch because they were absent or had more than one test to retake at the time, they need to take it after school.  I let students redo worksheets that they did not understand or score well on to get points back, but students cannot redo projects.

My advice is to only use your late work passes for high point assignments (~40 points or higher) to get the greatest value out of the deal.  My other advice is to just do your work so that you don’t have to worry about this.


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