Make up Requirements for the DNA Extraction Lab

If you were absent or gone for the No Tardy Party/Honor Roll award, you must still complete work for the Strawberry DNA Extraction lab that was done this Wednesday.  In order to get full credit you must get a copy of the lab.  Watch the two videos below and make a comment on this blog about what you learned.  Finish the questions on the back of the lab paper.  You can find answers to the questions from your notes, your lab paper, the text book (now available for check out at the library), and on the internet.  Write absent at the top and turn into the “In-Box” by next Wednesday.

DNA Extraction Lab Worksheet (originally created by Jen Shake) :


20 thoughts on “Make up Requirements for the DNA Extraction Lab

  1. I learned that DNA looks like clear threads and that the alcohol needs to be cool not warm.

  2. Nice lab i wish i would have been there. I learned that DNA can be easy instead of complicated. I also learned that dishsoap can break through the cell membrane and Nuclear Membrane. I also learned from this lab that salt can make the strands of DNA see-able. That looked like a fun lab

  3. I learned that soap cuts the cell and nuclear membrane releasing the DNA. I also learned that the DNA is wound up tightly on proteins called a chromosome. Too bad I could’nt be there for the lab but I got to see Louie the wonder duck so it wasn’t that bad!

  4. K I learned that Strawberry juice is more Dense than the DNA and the alcohal so it floated and you can scoop up the DNA

  5. I learned that it made it look like little threads.

  6. I did the experiment and figured out that when all ehis was hapening even though I couldn’t really see anything happening that the cell wal, membrane, and nucleo membrane were breaking up and letting the dna out in to a snotty formish way

  7. I learned that there is a membrane around the nucleus and that it has to be broken before the DNA can come out (along with the cell wall and membrane).

  8. that was awsome! i am so sad that i wasnt able to do it. i didnt know that soap killed cells, i didnt know that in order to extract DNA from it, you had to remove the membrane.

  9. I learned that you need to get through 3 layers to get the DNA and not to eat when dish soap is added

  10. When the alchohol rose up from the strawberries, I learned it was less dense then the mashed up strawberries. As they blended together, they turned a light red and looked like goop. Inside it looked like a bunch of tiny threads.

  11. That was cool, i think i will try that some time. i learned that there is a nuclear membrane around the nucleus that of course, holds the DNA. i also learned that dishwater could act as scissors and cut through the cell wall and membranes. That was an awesome lab!!!

  12. i learned that the dna looked like our dna just red. it is also alot easier then they make it sound to get dna.

  13. i learned that the clear threads are dna and that dna is heavier then you think

  14. I learned that needs to be in the fridge cooled down. There is a membrane around the nucleus. And that the DNA looks like strawberry snot.

  15. I learned the the soup puts holes in the memmbrane and the nucious memmbrane alowing the DNA to come out of the cell .The DNA looks like an X. We need to put it in strans to do so we need to add the salt/meat tenderizor. the salt/meat tenderizer will cut the protiens out making it into strands. if you were to magnifi the DNA it would look like a double helix. then you whould put in the alcihol and that would creat layors of the DHA witch would become less dence then the strawberry juice so it would flought to the top of the liquid then you can take it out of the liquid and do what you whant whith it. (P.S. you can use any fruit but the strawberry has the most DNA.

  16. I learned that there are different ways of getting dna from different things. Also that auchol is less dense than water. and finall science can be fun

  17. I learned that i learned that salt + meat tenderizers make the DNA go into a strands. I also learned that when you add the soap to the strawberry’s the soap makes holes in the strawberry’s and cuts the nuclease apart which makes it easy for the DNA to come out freely from the cell. I learned that DNA is coiled around things and that is called Histone proteins. I learned that a strawberry is a plant cell. And that the plant cell has 2 layers, the first layer is a cell wall, and the second layer is the cell membrane. And last that there is another cell that we need to know and that is called the nuclear membrane.

  18. I learned that by crushing the strawberries you were able to braek the cell wall

  19. I learned that DNA comes out clear.
    that was cool!

  20. I learned that DNA is clear and you can see through it

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