Thursday – 3/26 Quiz

Today students took a quiz on dichotomous keys.  This will go towards next week’s Rise and Stretch.  Afterward, students worked on a study guide to prepare them for the test on Tuesday, March 31st.  The study guide will be due on Monday.

Topics on Classification Test to study:

1.  The characteristics of living things.

2.  Definitions of dead and non-living.

3.  Scientific names

4. Seven Levels of organization

5.  5 Kingdoms – Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia

6.  Dichotomous keys

This information is all in your notes.  Please study!


Donations Needed:  If you have any old jars, please clean them with soap, remove the label,  and send them to school with your student.  We will be doing some bug catching Stretch activities (if it ever stops snowing) and are going to be making kill jars to euthanize the insects.  Also, it’s good to recycle!


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