Wednesday 3/4 – Classy Mobile

Today we corrected the worksheet callled Living or Non-living and turned it in.  Afterwards we started on a project called Classy Mobile.  For this project students will be creating a mobile of the 6 Kingdoms of living things.  Students can work alone, or in groups of 2 or 3.  Each person needs to have one example from each of the 6 kingdoms.  Each mobile piece should have a hand-drawn, colored picture of the organism and their name on the front.  The backside should have the common name and the scientific name of the organism.  This information can be found using the internet, field guides, or the encyclopedia. Each organism will be placed under their appropriate kingdom and hung by string on a wire hanger.  Please bring your own wire hanger on Tuesday and Wednesday to assemble your mobile.  For more information refer to you project hand-out.  This project will be due on Friday, March 13th


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