Cell Catalog

Next week we will be starting a short project called the cell catalog.  Students will create a catalog to sell different cell organelles.  They will need to have a picture, convincing description of the part, and a price.  We will be working on this all next week with the final due date being Tues. November 25th.  The project will be worth 200 points.

On a side note, there are many students who were absent for labs during the weeks of Oct. 27th-30th and November 3rd-7th. In order to make-up a lab you need to come into class before or after school.  If you plan on doing this you also need to let me know.  There have only been 2 students who have done this so far but there are many more that need to! Remember, you probably don’t have graduated cylinders, triple beam balances, or density blocks at home unless your parents are science teachers.  Come in and get those labs done!


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