2nd Quarter

Next week will be the start of the new quarter!  Feel free to throw out any old assignments, but please keep all notes! The notes we had in 1st quarter were:

1.  Scientific Method Notes

2.  Atom Notes

3.  Measuring & Phases of Matter Notes

Save these!  There is a final cumulative test at the end of the year called the CRT.  That means that Utah tests you on EVERYTHING we learn during the year.  You will need your notes to help you prepare for that test in the spring.

Other than that, good news is that you will be getting new seats, homework passes, and hall passes in my class.  Remember to put your names on your passes so you do not lose them! This was a big problem last semester.  I’ll be looking forward to a new semester of fun with you! Good Job on surviving your first quarter of Middle School! 🙂


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