I’m back!

Sorry for my recent absence here.  The SWAT team has been working out some things for our Rise and Stretch program (using clickers, scheduling, training another team, etc.) and so that has occupied a lot of my time lately.  FYI: I frequently update the calendar on this blog and use it for my planning, so that section will always be current.

Important upcoming events:

1. LAST DAY FOR LATE WORK – the last day that I will accept any late work for 1st quarter will be this Friday, October 24th at 2:45pm.  Make sure to check skyward to see if your child (or you if you’re a student reading this) has any zeros so that assignments can be completed and turned-in before this time.  The kids have known about this for a month now because I have talked about it and posted it on our classroom calendar everyday for a month.  To you students: remember it is your responsibility to check the “Old Work” calendar and get your missed assignments from the folders in that back of the class if you are absent.

2.  Science Fair – this week we will be completing the Hypothesis, Materials, and Procedure section of the science fair.  Make sure to get parent signatures.  This is due on Friday, October 24th.  After this section, students will be working on actually performing their experiments and collecting data at home.

3. Just a reminder – please check skyward often! This will prevent shock at the end of the quarter.  Skyward is directly linked to my grade book.  That means if I enter a score for your assignment, it automatically is entered in your skyward account.  If you do not know how to log into skyward, please go to the Counseling Office and they will give you a paper with log in information including your password and user name.


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