Density Practice Test 1

Students prepared for the CRT by taking a practice test.  This test can be printed from the internet if you want to practice from home.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Science Icon on the bottom
  3. Click on 7th grade science – multiple choice, on the right hand side
  4. Click on Standard 1 – Objective 1 (we also did Objectives 2,3)
  5. Click “Just Print Test” button

You can do this with all of the Standards to get a very thorough test review.  The questions on this site were used in past CRT tests.  Students also had the Classifcation Test handed back to them.  They are required to fill out a test reflection and have it signed by a parent/guardian.  It will be due this Friday.

Due Dates:

  • Test Reflection – Due Friday

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